by MatselaMoshokoa


Having a baby is one of the most beautiful times of womanhood. The body takes on new contours which means your existing wardrobe might not be all that practical. Theses fabulous nine months do not have to be spent in sartorial wilderness! You can be stylish and comfortable during your pregnancy. Here are some tips on how to have a stylish, yet comfortable nine months.



Just because your body is changing doesn’t mean you have to stray from your true style. Go for clothing that still reflect you, as this will make your nine months seem effortless. You need to wear what makes you feel comfortable. Whether you like form fitting clothing to show of your belly, or loose cover-ups. Look at stretchy fabrics like Lycra and jersey for great comfort and an awesome fit. Think of proportion and balance, if you have a fitted top, you can slightly loose at the bottom, and when you have loose at the top have something fitted at the bottom. The baby bump is also sexy to show off, so don’t be shy to wear something that traces your curves.


You don’t want to look bigger than you are already. There’s a fine line between frump and preggy-belly cute. I’m not a big fan of some maternity clothing because they can sometimes make you look 3 x your size. I’m all for buying regular clothing, in fabrics that stretch and accommodate your temporarily growing shape. Apply the proportion and balance rule here too.



Steer clear of bright colours, bold prints and shinny satin fabric, these are not very forgiving. Dark or solid coloured tops and dresses are great at showing off your sexy bump. The same applies with pleats, frills and over-the-top trimmings around the belly area. These textures add volume. Stick to simple lines, stripes, polka dots, plaid in winter and plain neutrals.



Pregnancy staples: Showing off other parts of the body is also great, if you have amazing legs, rock those shorts, or trapeze style dresses in the summer, wrap dress with plunging neckline will flatter your full cleavage, show off those strong arms with spaghetti strapped maxi dress. Remember you don’t have to cover up from head to toe.


  • Wrap dress
  • Lycra / jersey fitted ship dress, short sleeves or sleeveless for summer / long sleeves for winter
  • Tights / jeggins / dark jeans – These go with absolutely everything winter/summer very versatile.
  • Long fitted tank tops – Plain staple, that will serve as a base for your layering.
  • Comfortable shoes – ballet pumps, sandals, fashionable sneakers, flat booties for winter
  • Biker and fitted jackets, add shape to your other figure-less, figure.
  • Sexy Maxi dresses.
  • Trapeze style dresses with comfortable heels for those special occasions.



I trust this helps you when dressing up and enjoying this memorable time of your life.

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