by MatselaMoshokoa


The J&B Met kicks off the fashion and horses calender for the year. There are a number of race day events that one can consider, Durban July, BMW Polo, Sansui Cup etc. We know that fashion is a big part of these events, so I have come up with a few tips to consider when working on the best outfit for your day at the races. Baring in mind that there is a thin line between portraying sophistication, class, chicness, and just being a circus clown. I have found that some people interpret the events theme quiet literally, the key is to be subtle and smart about your take on the theme.

1. Always choose the HAT first…


The hat should be what inspires your outfit. Hats are really the fundamental element of a race day outfit. You can go as wild, as crazy, and out of the box with your hat, and then compliment the hat with a simple dress, fun shoes and quirky accessories. By choosing your outfit first and ending with the hat, you risk being too overdone and looking pretty zany.


2. The rest…


The rest of your outfit should be a transcendence of your hat. Race day is licence to break out all the colours of the rainbow, and keep black to a bare minimum. Try not to match your colours from head to toe, choose complimentary colours and play around with a particular spectrum i.e. Purple & Yellow. Ball gowns, sparkly outfits that drag on the floor are a no no! Race day outfits should be comfortable, graceful, smart casual look.


3. The gentle-guy…


I cannot leave the gents out, because they do accompany us gorgeous prim & proper dames. For the guys race day also allows you to have fun with your colour coordination. In England, some events have men donning a tail coat suite. It obviously has evolved and only happens when its a royal function. These days of course men have come into their own, experimenting with textures, colour and key pieces. Think light coloured chinos (salmon), a fun floral/palid shirt (blues/aquas), a solid coloured (Beige stone) sports jacket, and a beautiful colored handkerchief peaking out your pocket. Don’t forget to finish of the look with a straw hat i.e. Panama, Fedora etc…


4. Get involved…

Not forgetting what race day is actually about, the betting and horses. Choose a horse and bet on it. It adds to the fun and you also don’t feel as if you are just there for the fashion and socializing. Even if your horse looses, it is fun to just participate and who knows you might be the lucky one.

Similarly with Polo, get to know the game and take the front seat to watch all 4 chukkas, and show off those fabulous shoes at half time while divot stomping.

There are also great competitions on day of the event, such as best hat, and best dressed. So be mindful when planning your outfit that you might just be best dresses on the green.

Enjoy the Met if you heading to Cape Town this weekend. If not pencil in upcoming race days, and start planning that perfect outfit.