by MatselaMoshokoa

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Summer is in full swing, and some of us will be spending a lot of our holiday time poolside or at the beach. I’m here to make sure that you look your best. Shopping for the right swimwear which compliments all your best assets and conceals the worst, is not always an easy task. I have put together a list of this seasons swimwear trends that compliment your particular body type, for both woman and men.

First things first, an informed shopping mission begins with becoming acquainted with your body shape/type, so that you know what kind of bathing suit is best for you. Its not all about the itty-bitty, teeny-weeny bikini anymore, recently we’ve seen swimwear trends are more practical and inclusive.

Body Shapes


Using the chart above establish what body type you are, and this will help you decide on a trending style that will flatter your figure. We all wish we were an HOURGLASS/S-shape, but for some of us reality might be something else. So be realistic. Ask a friend too assist if you are struggling to figure it out.


HIGH WAISTED BIKINI – V-shape / H-shape / S-shape

The high-waisted bikini is great for hiding most trouble areas. Pooches, tummies and stretchmarks. It adds volume at the bottom for the V-shape body, gives an illusion of a waist for the waist-less boy figure, and obviously flatters the hour glass shape.

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CUT OUTS – MONOKINIS – H-shape / O-shape

Monokinis are great coverage, but still look super sexy. Play around with cut-outs that show the best parts of you body. To add hourglass shape, find one that has symmetrical cuts, that accentuate the waist area.

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FLUTTER TOP BIKINIS – A-shape / H-shape

The bikini top floats away from the body, ideal for smaller chested A & H shapes, the flutter top adds volume to the bust area. Balancing out the body beautifully. Play around with big bold printed fabrics.

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SPORTY – All shapes

Sporty swimsuits flatter all body types, usually one pieces with really structured fabric and finishes. These are great for when you are actually doing something active like beach volleyball or water sports. Find one that compliments you shape and you are good to go.

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RUFFLES – V-shape / H-shape

Top or bottom ruffles enhance or conceal different parts of your body. V-shape and H-shape should ruffle it at the bottom, this creates an illusion of curves.

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PLUNGING NECKLINE – O-shape / A-shape / S-shape

The plunging piece is not overly conservative, its sexy and give enough coverage. The O-shape can have a plunging back and higher neckline, and plunge it up in the front to singe in the waistline. It flatters the A-shape because of their smaller bust area. Need I say, perfect for the S-shape.

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BUSTIER TOPS – All shapes

The Bustier provides support for the well endowed, creates dimension and structure for the smaller chested. Tailored paneling adds shape and flatters all kinds of figures.


Gentleman lets stay away from the tiny Speedo and the over-sized board shorts!!

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These are reminiscent of the old school running shorts. Think vintage athlete look. This look is great on slightly younger men.

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Flattering for young and old. It has no unwanted , unnecessary extra fabric where you don’t want it to be. If you have some baby fat, these are great for adding tailored structure, stay away from anything with a draw-string! For taller guys, adjust our length to lightly longer and if you are short, the opposite is true.

Happy days in the sun and cooling off in the water, I trust my tips will make your swimsuit shopping that much easier.

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Matsela Moshokoa