by MatselaMoshokoa

One of my missions in life is to discover great products, to experience them, and then sharing with family, friends or any one that lends me an ear. I’m an advocate for creativity and design, or anything that compliments the lifestyle I have chosen to live. I have compiled a list of my Favourite things, there are many…however I had to narrow it down to 8 for the purposes of the blog. Looking for great Christmas presents, there is definitely something in this list. Most are Proudly South African. Supporting local grows and strengthens our economy, our products are of high standard and quality. So no excuses.

Lets be FRANK

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A body Coffee Scrub from Melbourne Australia. I have been using this scrub for a year now, and boy have I absolutely fell in love. Its messy but fun, and the smell of coffee in the shower is always welcome. It works wonders with regards to skin conditions such as acne, blemishes, cellulite and scaring. If you looking for a quick over night solution, then Frank is not for you, the results with Frank come over time, so patience is key, however the coffee treatment is so fun and invigorating that time flies by and results start to show. They ship all over the world,


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One of SA’s Luxury Brand YSWARA, known for the magnificent teas, has a line of amazing scented candles that make for great room scents, but what I love the most about their candles is that the wax can be used as massage oil. I cannot begin to describe the glorious feeling of the candle oils on my skin. Great for private pamper parties at home. So get one or 2 wrapped for that special somebody!!

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I have recently discovered Kirsten Goss London. They produce beautiful must have jewelry. Their pieces are unique and worth collecting. Kirston Goss Jewelry made me fall in love with gold again. I’m besotted with their MOD range. Simple sophisticated pieces for every taste.

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If you don’t know Laduma’s knit wear designs by now, you obviously have been living in a cave in the desert. Maxhosa is one of my favourite product that has come out of South Africa yet. Its original and the story of its origins will make you fall in love over and over again. The Knitwear is well made and the colours are fun to work with, when putting together an outfit. Maxhosa is on my Xmas gift list.

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We know how hard it is making homemade ice-cream, and the stuff in the stores is just frozen sugar. Thanking my lucky starts for Pauls Homamade Ice-scream, finally one can enjoy great ice-cream with awesome flavours, without feeling guilty. My fridge has Cookies n Cream, Peanut butter and Strawberry. This dessert option can be fantastic for the Xmas lunch/dinner, or cooling of on those hot summer days ahead. Thank you Paul.

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I’m a sucker for scarves. I believe they add some sophisticated drama, to an all black outfit, which seems to be my everyday colour of choice. The bigger the scarf the better, I’m always on the look out for light cottons, linens and silks. Then I stumbled upon L’MAD Collection. They make stunningly light silk scarves. I refer to them as wearable art. L’MAD collaborates with artists and render their paintings/illustrations onto their scarves which make for great collectors pieces that you can be shrugged over your shoulders. Awesome gift for Mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, this is a gracious option for your leading lady.



My obsession with leather goods is getting out of control, with all these great artisan products that are coming out of our backyard. Its very hard to make up ones mind on which one I will choose to invest in. I’m loving ILUNDI ‘s style, its simple and very practical. I gravitate towards the almost unfinished look of their bags. The leather clutches with the cut-out patterns, make for an interesting statement accessory.

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I have been gifting FATHER coffee beans to all my Fine Coffee drinking friends and they love it and keep asking for more. We love FATHER coffee!!! First attracted by their Brooklyn-esq Coffee Shop in Braamfontein, then tasted their coffee, and i was easily hooked. If you would like to introduce a friend to brilliant coffee, then head to the coffee shop and get yourself some beans, they can also grind them for you. No need for a gift box, their packaging is gift-esq already.

If you were struggling with gift ideas, or just haven’t started I hope I have made your life that much easier.