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In my Image workshops I come across woman who are still intimidated by make-up, or view it as time consuming. In today’s post, I’m re-introduce make-up as something that is fun, and does not have to take up too much of your precious time. I swear by a 10 min everyday routine, and only when I’m headed to something fancy that needs a little more effort, I would crank it up a notch to about 20 min tops.

Make up artistry is also a great industry to work in, if you are creative and enjoy tactile activities maybe Make-up Artistry could be for you. In SA, Makeup Artistry still has a long way to go, in being recognized as career just like any other, just like the overseas markets. Think about it, when Beyonce goes on her world tour, part of her Glam Team is a make-up artist. This career is more than just a option if you don’t have options, it is a lucrative industry and the perfect creative outlet.

I have enlisted the help of Professional Make-up artist Tsholo Ramashala , she’s a freelance artist, who has great tips on the essentials of make-up. She will be joining our lifestyle feature on the Power Lunch with Azania, on PowerFm 98.7 today at 13h00. Make sure to tune in.

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TIP #1: Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

  • Skin loses elasticity with time, moisturizing on a regular basis will not only slow down this process, but it will leave your skin glowing and looking healthier. Remember its better to have to have an oily skin than dry.

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TIP #2: Keep Your Eyebrows Neat

  • Eyebrows are very important as they frame one’s face. Invest in a good eyebrow shaping whether it be through waxing, threading or plucking. Maintain this by plucking any fine hairs that grow outside of your desired shape. You may have a beautiful face of makeup, but it’s nothing without a neat, well shaped brow.



  • Always use a powder with your foundation or tinted moisturiser. Powder helps set your foundation on the skin, soaks up any excess oil and increases the wear of your makeup. Apply some powder as well on your eyelids to increase the wear of your eyeshadow.

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TIP #4: Choose Your Eye Shadow Wisely

  • This is determines by your natural eye colour. To create a contrast and to make your eyes stand out, always choose colours that completely contrast your natural eye colour. For instance, if you have blue eyes naturally, go for any other colour besides blue. Try your pinks, mauves, browns etc.

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TIP #5: Invest in Good Make-Up Brushes

  • Make-up brushes should ideally be a one time purchase. Invest in good makeup brushes to ensure a professional, even and blended application. Keep your brushes clean by washing them regularly and using brush cleaner in between washes.

Thanks Tsholo for these great tips, I trust that they will come in handy in our beauty routines. For bookings please contact Tsholo Ramashala on, she’s @Queen_Tsholo on Twitter or call her on 072 591 5892

Matsela Moshokoa

(lifestyle consultant)