by MatselaMoshokoa

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Shopping is a very big part of my work. I’m a professional shopper. Mastering the art of shopping is not easy. It requires a lot of discipline and patience. Not everyone enjoys trolling the stores for goods, and that’s why I’m hired to assist with the sourcing of items, for both home and wardrobe. However we do not all have the luxury of paying a professional shopper, we still have to go about it ourselves.

My shopping tips will  be useful in having a successful and productive shopping day, these will save you time and you won’t have to spend your entire Saturday at busy malls or shopping hubs. My clients pay me per hour, so time management with maximum results is very important.These are methods I live by.


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Making a list of what items you would need, will automatically before you even start your car, save you a few hours of mindless wondering. Growing up, my mother used to make a list for all shopping escapades and if it wasn’t on the list, you will not find it in her shopping trolley, and that was that. Lists help your sit and think of your NEEDS and WANTS, because you engage with the list the day before, allowing enough time to think and re-think what you really need to get. It eliminates impulsive purchases when faced with a decision in the store. Budget is also important in spending within your means.


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This is what I call trial shopping. Especially for big ticket items like furniture. I do it for everything though. You must leave your credit card at home and patiently troll the stores for what you are looking for. Equipped with a note book and pencil to make notes of what you find, then going home and deliberating what you will go with and how much it will cost you exactly! This will also exposed any specials, sales, promotions that might be going on, meaning you might even save some money. Again this needs patience and time. (Measuring tape is also important, along with dimensions of the space you are shopping for)


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Before embarking on your shopping day, make sure you eat a full generous breakfast. This helps with your energy levels, and will also eliminate the distractions that are placed at every corner, e.g those deliciously smelling coffees and freshly baked croissants. If you are distracted from your mission, you will loose focus. Also remember to pack a water bottle to keep hydrated.


An early start is always wise, stores are still empty and the sales assistance are energized and fresh for the new retail day. You get better attention than when the stores are already spilling over with people. Remember to also wear a big smile and happy attitude its always a winner with sales staff.


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Always always try things on. It is a waist of time and money to take something on face value and then regret it when you get home, only to travel back to the store for an exchange or refund. That particular item will end up costing you more than what was on the price tag, if you do the maths.


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Leave any surplus payment methods at home, and take only what you budgeted for. Cash Is always a good measure in keeping track with what you are purchasing that’s on that list. For small items such as food and clothing use cash. For big ticket Items, I usually ask the stores to reserve the item for 24 hours, and they email me a quote, and when I get home i have a few hours to think about it, and then I will make an EFT payment to the store, only after I had time to think. If you don’t have extra cash on hand to spend, you will not be tempted to purchase things that are not on your list.



This reward you will deserve only if you have completed your shopping mission without any distractions and over spending. sit down for a beautiful lunch, or a ice-cold cocktail to pat yourself on the back, for a shopping well done.

Happy shopping!!! If you would like personal shopping assistance, please drop us an email on, we will be happy to assist.