by MatselaMoshokoa

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Its that time of year again, as we work on wrapping up the year and look forward to our festive season holidays. Most of us will head to different parts of the country or even world, to be with our loved ones for the holidays. DIARO Living, as well as many host an annual Christmas Dinner Party. It’s the last dinner gathering one will have with friends for this year, before we break for the summer. I absolutely love hosting dinner parties because I enjoy the creative platforms it offers. I have compiled a list of ideas to assist you in hosting the perfect dinner do. I have also taken into consideration that we all have different levels of creativity, it does not have to be complicated. Keeping it simple is key and maximize on making it fun for both you, the host, and your guests.


Choose your menu according to your culinary skills, you want to make it as effortless as possible, so stick to what you are good at…unless of course you are very adventurous, if so, do some trial runs beforehand so that you don’t subject your guests to experiments that might go horribly wrong.


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My favorite kind of entertaining food, its effortless, most things can be prepared prior to guests arriving, and you can be very creative with serving, think unconventional serving methods.


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Nothing beats a good old braai, however braai with style. Choose cuts of meat that are easy to serve as portions, eg: Lamb chops, burger patties, fillet steak etc. Spread the table with these different meats on platters and wooden boards, accompanied by beautiful summer salads and veggies. If you think of yourself as the next Braai Master, this option will be a breeze for you.


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If you are aware that you can give the Master Chef contestants a run for their money, then  do show off your Culinary artistry to your guests. This menu option is time consuming but obviously very gratifying. Beautifully plated courses are always a winner, choose 3 – 4 courses and wow your guests.


A huge element in creating that Christmas mood is in the table top decor. This is where you play and have fun. Every year could be different according to whatever the trends are.



Rustic is pretty minimal and slightly raw, but its very charming. If you are a fan of D.I.Y then this look will be perfectly for your dinner party. Think ruffled edges, flowers from your garden, unmatched crockery cutlery, handwritten notes.


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If you are trying out your first Christmas Dinner Party, I would suggest you go with this look and feel, these decorations are very easy to find. Its the classic Christmas colours we see every year when the season is upon us. You can keep it simple by emphasizing either green with a touch of red or the other way around. If you are seasoned and would like to take it up a notch, add Golds or Silvers for some added drama.


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Metallic colours and textures are synonymous with Christmas, if you gravitate towards the shiny and sparkly side of life, this theme is over the top and opulent. Grab any shiny thing you can find from ribbons to glittered Xmas balls, foil wrapping paper and maybe spray paint some branches to compliment your table decor. More is more and its okay.


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Modern table settings are trending right now, keeping things simple and using alternative interpretations to conventional Christmas decor.Origami flowers, wreaths, balls take modernism to whole other level. Play around with simple textures and colors, usually great with the neutral pallets, black, white, stones, grey and sandy tones will make for a modern Xmas experience.


DIARO Living loves giving gifts, as the host one has to think of creative ways to thank your guests for honouring your invitation. Hostess gifts should be simple, and maybe something home made.

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We have also added an element of charity, because Christmas is a time for giving, so we have asked our guests to buy a stuffed animal which we will hand over to charity as Xmas prezzies for the children that don’t have the warmth of family around them at this time of year.

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We have one more challenge for our guests, which adds to the fun of the evening. Each guests must spend R100, on a gift for a stranger that will be attending the same dinner party. They have to be creative about buying the gift, wrapping it beautifully and writing a heartfelt Xmas note to someone you might not know. I think this gesture is selfless and takes you out of your comfort zone, all in the name of fun.

I hope you are inspired to host your own Dinner Party, let us know how it goes

DIARO Living will be hosting their annual Xmas Dinner Party on the 27th November 2014, if you would like to join us, email us at, and we will forward you an invitation.


Matsela Moshokoa