by MatselaMoshokoa

It is that time of year, when the next 2 month seem to be dragging, the level of fatigue is becoming unbearable from all the hard work we’ve been putting in through out the year. In January I wrote about Starting the year with end in mind . If we were mindful, i’m sure we have enough money saved up for some kind of holiday as December draws closer. Ideally you should be halfway in planning that vacation already, if not, don’t despair. Holidays don’t have to be expensive, its more about getting away for a few days or weeks, to rest, recoup and regenerate. The simpler the holiday the better. Try not get caught up in the hectic vibes and its finding peace wherever you choose to go. Here are some ideas of different kinds of vacation for different kinds of tastes.

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A lot of people associate holiday with the beach, I however think the tranquility of the bush could just hit that spot. Being one with nature and exploring our beautiful bountiful backyard is nothing short of ultimate relaxation. Bush breaks can be on any budget, whether you are a 5 star lodger, with spa treatments and the whole nine… or on a budget there are many ways to enjoy this type of vacation. Self catering lodges start at about from R350p/n, camping sites are also pretty affordable too. So there is no excuse to not take sometime off this festive season. The Kruger National Park is always a winner for me.

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This kind of holiday is for the young and the young at heart. If you want to party it up every single night of your time off from work. A place that is known for amazing night life is key, and I’d say the weather should be good too, I can’t really imagine a party week in fur coats and boots. Party dresses are short and skimpy so places like Cape Town and Miami come to mind, electric night life is a must. I find Johannesburg dies down during the festive season because people are holidaying somewhere else, so slim pickings for great parties in JHB. Get out there and have a lekker jol!

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Beach, classic holiday, however, overcrowded beaches are a nightmare. This year look for places that are little more under the radar with the masses. The Eastern Cape Coast is pristine and doesn’t see the overcrowding of Durban Beach or Camps Bay Beach for example. Opt for places like Coffee Bay – EC, Port St Johns –  EC, Kenton on sea – EC , Southbroom –  KZN etc. For a good spot on the sand go a little off track and find new beaches.Our Neighbour Mozambique also has a lot to offer when it comes to sun, sand and waves.

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I recommend to all, at least once in you lifetime to experience a white winter holiday. It has proved to be very difficult to convince my friends to visit the northern hemisphere in December. The ‘are you crazy!! its freezing’ comments always come my way. But I know there are adventurous spirits out there who would love to check this off on your bucket list. There are so many activities and experiences you can have in Winter resorts around the globe. We always think skiing and snowboarding which are absolutely fun and worth a good attempt. Iceland for example has hot springs, and its a ritual in those parts to clad your tinniest bikini and jump into one, while surrounded by a white snowy landscapes. Pop champagne and have a real white Xmas. These winter vacation towns also have great shopping and fun activities for the entire family.If you have been saving for a good holiday experience, winter wonderland could be just the thing for you. It is more expensive around Xmas, the best time to go is towards the end of January through to March. The first snow is not the greatest, its the powdery candfloss kind you are looking for, especially if you’ll be skiing.



My favorite kind of vacation, roadies are just the best. Whether you are exploring locally or abroad there is nothing like a good road trip. South Africa has a lot of routes ready to be explored, my favorite being the Route 62 and Garden Route. Midlands Meander hosts amazing padstals and craft shops all along the route and the magnificent Drakensburg Mountains are truly breathtaking. So fill up that car, pack the kids in and choose a route.


  • Travel Note Book to document your everyday experiences, stick in and write in.
  • A fully charged camera to capture every special moment in time.
  • A map, no shame in having reference to map out your journey, Subway map, route map, country map
  • And lastly a big bag of excitement. We work very hard during the year reward yourself you deserve it.

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I hope you have a better idea on what kind of getaway you’d like. Your comments are greatly appreciated, tell me about your clever holiday plans.

Happy Planning