by MatselaMoshokoa

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South Africa prides itself with long beautiful summers, and our lifestyle is pretty much outdoorsy. Having a gorgeous garden is key, whether you have hectors of land or a balcony, there are tons of ways you can make your Summertime Garden sanctuary special. I have 5 great ways to help you start up your garden or spruce it up. It is that time of year to engage your green fingers again. And if you cannot tell the difference between a Rosemary and Thyme, do not despair, its not rocket science and our nurseries are very helpful.



There are very few fulfilling things in life than knowing you can grow your own food. There is a sense of empowerment, thinking you don’t have to rely on the supermarket for nourishment. You can start off easy with a salad bowl approach, choose greens you would like to see in your salad and start planting those. Most of us tend to think that we cannot mix our flowers with our vegetable, the EDIBLE Garden is a mixture of flowers, shrubs and edible greens in one place, this results in a beautiful medley of textures, colours and aromas. Your local nursery can assist you to source what you looking for, use them they are amazing free advise.


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This is one of my favorite modern garden trend. South Africa is home to over a thousand species of indigenous fauna found no where else in the world (eg. fynbos). In recent years, there has been a shift from the English style gardens (Roses, Dahlias etc) to cultivating and growing indigenous gardens. The imported plants consume so much water and are very high maintenance.  Succulents are my particular favourite, not to be confused with cactus; botanically cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti. Their striking and unusual appearance, make for great ornamental plants, their textures and colour will add unconventional style to your garden. You can have them in a pot, in the ground or even on a vertical wall. Succulents are easy to maintain and do not require a lot of water. Perfect for the lock up and go kinda lifestyle, this way you do not come home from a business trip to dead plants.


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If you are from rural South Africa, you probably know how important water harvesting is. In the cities however we take it for granted. We receive liters and liters of free water every rainy season, it’s only a good idea to harvest water, it will also save you a pretty penny on your utility bill. Rain Water Harvesting has become quiet the trend too, with the Living and Going Green Lifestyle its fast becoming part of our every day urban dwelling. Depending on how far you are in the sustainability ladder, you can harvest for watering your garden, or you can filter it and use it for cooking and house hold use. You can get Jojo Tanks sexy and stylish slimline tank for your backyard,  tanks are available in awesome colours, the slimline range is made to fit in with space restriction that we encounter in the cities. Start harvesting this rainy season as the rains begin.


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For those of us who have space constraints, it doesn’t mean we can not have a glorious out door sanctuary, where one can retreat and take the scents of nature. Vertical gardening is the answer. Whether you are ambitious enough to cover a whole wall with foliage or you’d like to keep it simple and minimalist, ideas are abound. Start a vertical herb garden, so can pick them fresh. I love morning coffee with the fresh scent of mint in the air. Vertical gardens also make great conversation starters when you are entertaining. Please get advice from your local nursery on how to get started.


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I love potted planting, this is great for those that are renting/leasing their homes. You can have a beautiful potted garden, which allows you play around with different pots, different colours and your garden is fluid. Potted gardens allow you to move things around so you have an ever changing landscape. Biggest value add is, when you decide to move out, your garden can move with you. You can play around with differnt types of pots, clay, metal plastic there is a huge spectrum to choose from.

I hope you are as excited about Spring/Summer gardening ideas, as I am. I cannot wait to get my hands dirty. If you’d like more information on whats mentioned above, please drop us an email to

Happy Gardening.