by MatselaMoshokoa

Its that time to check your wardrobes and see if it will be in line with the 2014 Spring/Summer trends. If you think you need to add a few items for the new season, I have compiled a list of what is trending for men at the moment. I have to say the androgynous looks are driving me crazy, i’m all for expression and happy to see that men’s fashion is/has become fun and varied. It will be a push for some, but remember there’s moderation depending on how seasoned or discerning you are.

I attended the star studded Men’sHealth Menswear Collection last night (see Insta pics @matseladiaro), besides the eye candy, it was a great collection of different looks, from casual, sporty-street and formal.


image (10)

Double breasted jackets are the new blazer. I know some  might think its too formal, but the trend on the streets have seen the classic double-breasted jacket put together in a more casual way, with a T-Shirt underneath or a light knit sweater. Remember double breasted jacket have to be worn buttoned up, otherwise you loose the effect. I’m in love with the casual linen jackets in navy blue or in the pebble-stone colours.



So this is the androgyny that i’m talking about, floral on men have never been so hot, its not the Hawaiian Shirt kinda floral, its very feminine and beautiful to say the least. I think if you are brave enough to rock floral, you are brave enough to do anything. Pants, shorts, or shirts, add some blooms to your wardrobe.


image (2)

Think Jesus and the disciples, or camel men in the dunes of the Sahara. Men’s Sandals have come a long way. I love the different varieties. I’m hoping to see more men showing off their summer feet, but remember pedicures should also compliment this style.

Birks are also big for the guys this season, as mentioned with the ladies Spring/Summer a month ago (see previous post)

image (5)


image (3)

Pastels are huge this season in menswear, this can also be push for some, but for those adventurous spirits, pastel shorts are quite the hit, pair it with a no fuss white t–shirt or collard shirt and you are good to go. PS: The is nothing as gorgeous as Pastels On Chocolate!!!


image (1)

If you are still not carrying a men-bag, not sure whats holding you back!. Men are clutching too, the man bag has evolved into a more refined chic look, I found myself not being able to tell which is a man-bag and which is a woman-bag, I love that it doesn’t matter anymore. If you are tired of carrying your man’s car keys and his cellphone in your purse, maybe you could surprise him with a beautiful leather handy.


image (4)

Denim on Denim, layering, unmatched, rugged, raw are just some of the words to describe this look. We love denim, we will continue loving denim and I’m glad we are seeing denim as it should be, no fuss and more of it at once.

I hope you will go put these trends to the test and add to your wardrobe to this summer. Push yourself and get out of your comfort zone, you will not regret it. HAPPY SPRING!

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