by MatselaMoshokoa

Date nights are very important in keeping the flames of a relationship burning. However it can also become a chore if you don’t consciously keep it dynamic and exciting. Going out to restaurants for a meal, just to be away from home can become mundane after you’ve exhausted the really great eateries in your town and need more variety. Date Nights are about spending quality time with your partner and you can be creative in how you diversify the experiences. I have compiled a list of lifestyle experiences that can add flavour to what I call “Couple time”. These will help keep date nights fresh, always exciting, you don’t have to choose one, you can do all of them and more.


Blog pics dance



Every time I watch strictly come dancing, i’m always inspired to maybe take up a dance class. It would be a great idea to  even try one out with your partner. If you have 2 left feet like myself, its not about getting the dance moves 100% correct, its about being able to have fun, laugh at yourself and spend that quality time with the one you love. Whatever dance moves you are interested in, whether its hip-hop or Latin, you can find a class.

blog pic road trip


Road trips are great for having a platform to talk about things that may have been weighing heavy on your mind. James Cordova, Professor of Psychology at Clark University says,  the cars seating position, could be an ideal place for serious discussions, “Men tend to open up more when sitting side by side and not face to face”. Its also great to just leave your comfort zone and try out a new restaurant in a neighbouring town, drive out to Parys for lunch, or a fly-fishing weekend away in Dullstroom.

Blog pic school


Going back to school to study something of common interest is an awesome. There part-time courses you can take together, this will not only add to your interests, but give you an excuse to add something else on your list of things to explore, for example and a wine class that would set you off on a wine expedition that will make your vacations more exciting and home entertaining more informed (which is always a winner with guests)…or a finance class that will help you manage the house hold finances better, and wealth management. Having a common goal does wonders for the relationship while improving the quality of your lifestyle.

blog pic excercise


Multitasking couples. There are dozens of trending fitness classes and studios, try them all and see what works for you. In the mean time you will be having fun, killing 2 birds with one stone, getting fit while having ‘couple time’. Its also great to have someone who will push and motivate you if you don’t feel like getting up in the morning to exercise. There is also no excuse of what we ‘letting yourself go’.  

blog pics diy


Do It Yourself projects, there is always a mini project to do around the house. Spring is in our midst and we always want to do something fresh and new, whether its planting a new veggie patch, or repainting the living room, make it a team effort. Sprucing up your home while having couple time too. Bring in the best of both of you into your space.

There are a million more ideas, its all about being creative and keeping the date night/quality time spent with your partner continually changing and exciting. The world is literally your oyster, you are literally restricted by how big or small you can dream.

Happy couple time everyone!!