by MatselaMoshokoa

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As winter draws to an end, and summer is promised in a few months, keeping our fingers on the pulse of upcoming spring/summer trends is key. Today I’m talking beauty trends for summer 2014. Just like with anything, these trends will help us in planning our spring and summer looks. Beauty is a very important part of our overall grooming and it finishes off our outfits perfectly. In winter we saw rich warm colours, now spring/summer has bright and bold colours, which are sure to make a statement. Here’s the list below.


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Extreme lashes are a move away from the Barbie doll look, they are modern and a somewhat extreme. Spider lashes for one are seen to be extremely sexy, and the intentionally clumped look is actually pretty hot, think Diana Ross in the 70’s lashes. Some are extra-long, or short on the inner eye and become wider and longer on the outer eye. Its a fun way to enhance and emphasize your eyes.


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I never thought they’ll be a time where blue eye liner will ever be allowed. This aqua look is quiet the craze for the spring summer. Using blue eyeliner under your eyes, and for even more pop you can use it in conjunction with blue eye-shadow for extra emphasis. Forget about colouring in within the lines, its supposed to look childlike, says Make-up artist Osmond.

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Rainbow eyes give us a glimpse of how fun colour can be, there’s really no holding back in this colourful expression. Keeping your outfit simple and in a monotone (white or black dress), then summon the rainbow on your face. I cant wait to experiment with this particular look.


Art on nails has made a comeback in a big way. There is endless themes and you can find inspiration from anything, like my favourite sweets/candy Speckled Eggs (as pictured above). The world is literally your oyster. Nail art obviously takes longer than just regular nail painting, so make sure to set aside sufficient time when considering it, we cannot rush the nail artist if you want great results. It also helps to be in a beautiful and comfortable environment too, which I have found Miss Salon London to be one of those spots. (@misssalonSA). 

Going hand in hand with nail art is bejeweling those fingers too, inspired by boho chic, this is when you cluster many rings on some or all your fingers, adding sparkle and interest. Brilliant for those of us who tend to elaborate our conversation with hand gestures. Great nails make for awesome conversations. 

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Lips are popping with bright oranges, yellows and warm pinks. Red lips will always be a must have in ones make up bag, but spring/summer 2014 is shouting out for luminous, happy lips. 



Our manes are also park of finishing off the spring summer look. I’m very excited at the hair trends and also happy to say natural hair is making its way back in a huge way. I have been rocking my natural hair for 3 years now, and I’m seeing a lot more natural locks out there. So I have a list of natural hair trends that I spotted on the streets of New York City and Johannesburg


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Short natural hair with colour. From Honey blonds to platinum, red velvet’s to blues and purples! colour is key and the options are endless. So rock your short Fro’ with a sprinkle of colour. Its fresh and its African.


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The classic Afro at its best is trending too. Wear it wild and free, cornrow the sides or pin them up…embellish your Afro with fun ribbons and hair clips.


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Head wraps saw a come back in last years summer, this spring/summer it has slightly evolved and its very unapologetic, its colourful and size does not matter, think Nigerian weddings…and you can rock the head wrap trends successfully.

If you were not what your spring/summer should be, then I do hope this list has given you some direction. Spring/summer is colourful and happy, so be bold and go for it.