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As we all know, anything that is describes as the ‘New Black’ is something to take note off. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you must have noticed a growing number of men that let the beards grow, but not the conventional facial hair that is well manicured with trimmed edges and barely above the skin. The ‘beard culture’ I’m referring to, is facial hair gone wild. I know this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I have found this trend particularly appealing and so have my girlfriends. There is just something about a man with a beard.


Through out history beards have meant different things to different people, some influenced by religious dogmas, others view it as a man’s virility exemplifying virtues such as wisdom, strength, sexual prowess and high society standards.In very conservative collectives it may be associated with poor hygiene or a ‘savage’ or uncivilized demeanor. Because we have up until recently been living in the era of clean shaven men, this has made this trend very interesting, it seems some men are reclaiming their manhood in letting their beards grow and embracing it. – .

“she wont ‘let’ you? a beard does not come with a leash”



Prof Brookes who wrote an article for BBC News, suggest that the financial crisis of 2008 could have been the catalyst in this beard trends starting, times where hard, work was hard to come by, and men needed to impress the opposite sex with something different. So the beard has been one of the tools used emphasize individuality . Just like any trend it reaches its peak, when everyone wants to grow a beard and you find yourself not being unique anymore, then the pendulum swings to the clean shaven again, Prof’ Brookes thinks we have reached that peak. – . South Africa is lagging behind a bit, there have been reports that the beard trend has come to an end in places like the hipster capital of New York – Brooklyn, but trends don’t just stop over night, they phase out only when a new trend makes its debut.




Male grooming has also branched out to accommodate this trend , unlike before you would hardly see or hear of products that help condition and maintain a healthy beard, today however, there designer products made from all kinds of enticing ingredients that assist you in having the most healthy & presentable looking beard. Its a whole industry on its own.



If you are lucky enough to have genes that afford you to grow a beard, then why not try it. It’s in my opinions one of those liberating things to do, like how I and many other women, enjoy not having to wear a bra’ on some occasions, setting yourself free from the shackles of convention and whats expected. Remember its a trend so things will change again and you would have missed out on a little bit of freedom.  There is a world out there of beard expression to explore.

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