by MatselaMoshokoa






”Phillip is in Brazil”…I remember vividly, the excitement leading up to our World Cup in 2010, it was nothing short of electric and everyone was in a common jovial mood. We could only imagine what’s going on in the streets of Brazil at this moment of counting down the days to the worlds biggest sporting tournament. For those of us who didn’t make to Brazil,  this does not mean we cannot have just as much fun and participate in the event as if we were physically there. Its pretty easy because the love of sport/soccer seems to bring people together.

Here are some great ideas to consider as we count down the days to the opening ceremony and enjoying the tournament. And its sad that South Africa will not be participating, but this should not hinder the fun.




 I first discovered the bracket when my boyfriend had me participate in the March Madness Pools for the Basketball Championships. It was so much predicting the tournaments step by step results before it started, what’s also great about brackets is that you do not need to be a seasoned soccer fan or fundi to take part, anyone can do it. Brackets are great to get the office involved, group of friends or family members. It gets people together and talking about the game constantly. The March Madness Bracket is so huge even the US president fills out a form.

A bracket is a form that can be completed online or printed out and completed by hand whereby the participant predicts the outcome of each game in the tournament. His or her predictions are compared against others in the pool, and whoever has the best prognostication skills wins the contest. You can add a prize for the winner which will make it fun to play for.

There is a bracket form to print or just fill out online for World Cup Brazil, so rally up your friends and see who predict the winner.



What better excuse to dabble in foreign cuisine than on the opening night of the soccer tournament. Invite some friends over and cook a Brazilian feast as you kick off the world cup. Whats great about Brazilian food is that its hearty pot-food perfect for our winter nights. With their African and European influences they are sure to be a hit with your guest.

Please see recipe; and for more delicious dishes.

For those of us who are adventurers and have the luxury of time, you could theme your exotic cuisines according to the other participating countries. It would be for kids too.



When I was growing my parents used to use every opportunity to stimulate our minds, my mother was a geography teacher so there were maps and globes all around the house. As she’d sit watching the Miss World Pageant or the Olympics, she’d get us to find all the different countries participating on the map or atlas. We would have to read a bit about the country and locate it on the map. This lesson went a long way in shaping my worldly knowledge and interests. Guess what? the Soccer World cup is one such opportunity, instead of sending the kids to their rooms to be occupied by video games, so adults can watch soccer in peace, involve them in the tournament by making it fun and educational at the same time. Get the kids a map of the world, and then cut out flags of participating countries and have them stick the flags on the map. This is great family activity for the duration of the tournament. And you’ll see the keen interest and questions that will arise from this simple gesture.



The Soccer World Cup always hits SA in the cold winter months, so where ever you choose to experience the game, make sure its warm and cozy, and hopefully there’s a fire going. Ask your local bar or watering whole if they have any special activities around WC time and if you are tired of being cooped up in the house you can go out without having to endure the cold, because they would have made the space warm & comfortable enough to keep you there for the games.



The greatest element of re-living that 2010 World Cup is the fans dressing up, colorful and outrageous ensembles made for great pictures! please don’t think of toning it down this time around. Go big, go wild, get kitted, whether you’ll be home with friends or family or out and about in bars, go for it.    

I’m really looking forward to kick off next week, I hope you are too.