by MatselaMoshokoa


The home make-over season has begun. As a decorator this is my busiest time of the year. To assist my clients in achieving a look that is trendy but yet practical, I have to keep abreast with most home trends that we see emerging around the globe. Home trends unlike fashion trends run for a longer span, they usually get a good 10 year run. So when it comes to your home, its great to get with whats trending.

If you are renovating, small make-over or just changing the colour on your walls, do consider the following trends to add that edge.



Turquoise is trending. On walls, furniture and accessories. Go for the bold, rich turq’ and not the light, soft shade for maximum impact. I love turq’ on the walls especially in a bedroom. Turquoise is great paired with yellow or red. It also is a great accent on a black and white colour scheme. Go wild and colour your world Turq’.




Wood cladding is a personal favourite of mine. So wood has moved from floors to the walls. It adds warmth and texture to an otherwise lifeless wall finish. Cladding is great on feature walls for that wow factor. You can use any type of wood, depending on your taste, it can range from refined and smooth to ruff and rugged for the rustic taste. Whats great about cladding is you can apply it both outside or inside. Its a bit of a stretch for some, but we love challenges especially the ones that will give our home that well deserved character.



Vertical gardens are quiet the craze lately, started off as space savers now they can be applied to any space, purely because they just look so damn good. Stemming from conscious living in the city, you can never have the excuse of not having a vegetable garden because you don’t have enough space, if you have walls you can have a garden.  There are many looks you can go for with vertical gardens, either pots propped up on the wall or a blanket of foliage that cover the entire wall. My herb garden is on a wall.



This trend started in industrial areas, where shipping containers where used as storage or site offices. Its mobile and easy to set up. Because of the sustainable living trend more and more people are choosing to live out of shipping containers, or use them as artistic features in their home. I’m all for unconventional design solutions, if you like pushing boundaries, this is ideal for your home office, or a kids play room in the garden. It will cost you less than a brick and cement structure and its quick to set up. It also allows for great creative output, because the options are endless.



So we’ve seen the cow hide rugs everywhere, but now they are making their way to furniture. Think fur coats on chairs, be it real or foux its all about the play on texture. If you want a conversation starter, recover your old armchairs in some cow, kudu or springbok, and if you are not keen on real animal hide, there are hundreds of foux fur/hide available. This look is great for a statement piece of furniture NB please don’t over do it on the entire lounge suite!!! With winter in our midst its also a great addition to add warmth in the home..that special chair you use to around the fireplace.





Wire furniture has wired itself straight to our homes. There are an array of wire furniture and accessories to choose from. From chair to fruit bowls. Wire furniture is a beautiful art form and will add distinction to your home, especially if space an issue. Wire is fluid and creates the illusion of space.



The lines between the lounge and the patio are officially blurred, patios are now an extension of the lounge, we’ve seen fabric houses coming up with outdoor fabric that is looks good enough to be in the the living room, hence I have come to refer to patios and the outside lounge. Use bold fabrics and colour, rugs are brilliant on patios to give them that warm feeling. Firstly make sure that your patio is covered and protected so your beautiful scatters don’t get rained on.

If you need more advise on your home make-over, drop us an email on diarom@diaro.co.za and we will be happy to assist.