CALL FOR ASSISTANCE – Lifestyle Management services

by MatselaMoshokoa



As David Allen put it, “you can do anything, but NOT everything”. Often we think that we are superhuman and we can take care of all life aspects on our own. Some of us find it difficult to hand things over to a professional or just someone that can carry out a task better than we can, or even if  you are capable of executing such a task, you just don’t have the time to do it. This is where you need to call for assistance. Sit back and relax while someone helps in making your life that much easier.

Personal concierge or shopping assistance (Lifestyle Management)runs on the premise that our lives have become so busy that we cannot take care of all things life on our own. There are services that have developed from the classical services of a concierge in a hotel lobby, to personal concierge service that takes care of individuals, families etc. It is a recent phenomenon because people have become time-starved and customers demand for such services.


Why hire personal concierge or personal shopper?

1. CONVENIENCE: You will have more time on your hands to take care of more important things while someone takes care of the little things. If you have a weekly routine, pick up dry-cleaning, stock up the fridge, delivering packages etc. Running errands seems like an easy task but can take up a lot of time.

2. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Not all of us are good at multitasking, and that’s why hiring these professionals will increase your general productivity. Going shopping can take you the whole day trolling through the malls, trying to find stuff, but if you enlist the services of a personal shopper, they do all the sourcing and they are able to just trouble shoot with you on a designated shopping date.

3. SUPPORT SYSTEM: Your personal concierge or shopping assistant will also get to know you and your needs. Be able to have various solutions for all aspects of your life. Example; if you need to plan a kids birthday party, or find that bicycle you’d like to use for your next Cape Epic, your lifestyle assistant can be your go to person. You can have one person to call who has the ability to take care of everything you might need or want.



Some of the services offered by your personal lifestyle assistance;

  • Planning events (birthday parties, dinner dates, office parties, outings etc )
  • Organizing a getaway (family holidays, vacation activities, packing your luggage etc)
  • Personal shopper (buying a car, winter/summer wardrobe, home furnishings, gifts or anything )
  • Home Assistance ( grocery shopping, dry-cleaning, picking up kids from school)
  • Organizing spaces/homes (sort out storage issues etc)
  • Access (concert tickets, VIP entrance, hospitality packages, guest list services) 
  • Luxury items or services.

…and the list goes on…


A lot of people are intimidated by these personal services thinking that they are reserved for the supper rich, but on the contrary, they vary for different pocket sizes. Some you will enlist on a monthly retainer, or pay as you use. You usually pay for the assistance service/time and pay the supplier for the product or service you are looking for. Example; if you need an assistant to organize a hot dinner date for you, you will pay for their sourcing service and then pay for the dinner at the restaurant chosen. Some companies sell different packages for different budgets. Here are some links to South African companies that offer this concierge service;




DIAROLiving offers personal shopping assistance, you can contact us on for more information

If you need to free up sometime and spend it on things that matter, think about calling for assistance. And if you are great at multitasking, efficiency and project management, think of selling your services, and starting your own lifestyle management company. Although South Africa is still a young market, the demand for convenience is on the rise.



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