by MatselaMoshokoa



Derived from the words iPod and Broadcasting, pod-casting started in 2004 by Adam Curry, a charismatic thinker with visions of changing the world. It is basically a medium used to broadcast audio, video to mobile devices for listening, and whats great about it, is that anybody can do it. All you need is a way to record your voice or whatever sounds you want to, a computer and an internet connection. In South Africa we’ve seen radio stations such as Power Fm recording their show content for listeners, to listen at their own time should they not catch the live radio broadcast. In places like the US, pod-casting has become an industry on its own. Some say “forget blogging pod-casting is the new wave”. Pod-casters record their thoughts and Pod-catchers download or stream the feed for listening.

Exchanging thoughts;

“Like most astonishingly simple ideas, it is less the technology than the thought that makes pod-casting so interesting” says Chris Long BBC reporter.

We live in a time were people document their thoughts in different mediums, blogging, social media, YouTube etc. Pod-casting has become one such platform. What I love about this pod-casting phenom’ is that its a free platform for free expression, unlike the regulated radio and television broadcasting. In pod-casting there is very little censorship, if there is, its usually self imposed depending on your content and listener-ship. The NO RULES ideology appeals to many who choose to listen to pod-casts, podcatchers, like myself, have established firm favorites that are on our daily listening rotation.    


South Africa is catching on to the trend, and I think its about damn time. I’ve listened to the likes of trend analyst DION CHANG of Flux Trends on the most recognizable Pod-cast platform TEDtalks. http://youtu.be/SRF2fKm6amE

There are many many pod-casts to follow and listen to. Just like blogging you can find ones that appeal to your needs. The topical categories are vast, lifestyle, science, psychology, comedy, environmental issues etc. My favorites are;

  • This American life
  • Planet money
  • Freakonomicsradio
  • Kieth and The Girl
  • TEDtalks
  • Stuff you should know
  • Stuff mom never told you

 There are countless pod-casters – enthusiasts and professionals – offering content. There are pod-casting movements, meets and conferences in America. What once started out as “audio blogging” is now a full movement that offers us with a lot more choice in what we choose to listen to or associate ourselves with. 

I’m looking forward to seeing more Pod-casters and Pod-catchers in SA, we are a country that is full of unique topics and content made to be consumed on the world stage. Anyone can start their own pod-cast. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, a microphone and some ideas, and you too could be a pod-caster. Now produce something that people want to listen to!

Here are some references if you want to know more about Pod-casting, or just follow a few;