by MatselaMoshokoa



South Africa is known for amazing products, that stand firm against their international counter parts. Our wine is one such product. Today I zoom into our Methode Cap Classique. 

What is Cap Classique?

Champagne is a wine region in France, and their controlling body, CIVC, objected to the use of the word ‘champenoise’ by other producers outside this region. As a result, Cape producers had to come up with an alternative name, and in South Africa, this prestigious wine category became known as Cap Classique.  

The name was derived from the fact that the classic art of wine making was introduced to the Cape by the French Huguenots, and the first bottle-fermented sparkling wine produced in the Cape was called Kaapse Vonkel (Cape sparkling).

So basically we use the same methods as used in Champagne, France, we just cannot call it that. I personally love the South African name for bubbly, and the taste is just as good as the French kind, so much so that I think its fair to compare and have firm favorites. I have had debates with friends on which region makes the best.

My personal favorites are;


1. Miss Molly by Moreson

2. Graham Beck – Brut rose

3. Tanzanite

Try them out and let me know what you think. I’m a brut kinda gal. There are all sorts of bubbles for different pallets, so explore.


Here is a great opportunity to learn more about our South African bubbly brands at the Celebration of Bubbles Festival this weekend. Come see what SA has to offer, and enjoy an evening of Cap Classique. Book your ticket now.




I enjoy popping bubbles at any time, why not celebrate every moment of life. Any excuse to live that Cap Classique lifestyle.

See you at the festival, and don’t forget to tune into the Power Lunch with Azania this afternoon at 13h00.

Luv Matsela