by MatselaMoshokoa


The month of March, marks the bitter end of summer, and the sweet start of the colder months. As the mercury drops towards winter. Preparation is key!, especially regarding our wardrobe. Winter cover ups are fun and they don’t have to be daunting. If you equip yourself with the basics you’ll sail through the cold months in noticeable style. 

I have compiled a list of winter fashion essentials for men, with references from the Street style: Top Trends for winter 2014,



1. Statement Scarves 

Men’s accessories have come a long way, from very modest to statement pieces. The ‘statement’ scarf this winter can be anything from small and dainty, to chunky woolly or even as big as blankets. Think men in shawls. I’m also loving  blankets shrugged over men’s shoulders, which was a common sighting at the resent fashion weeks street styles. Think of how the BaSotho men wear their blankets to keep warm in the Lesotho highlands…we’ve been having it!!!



2. Burgundy

The men’s winter colour of the season is burgundy. Apply it in subtle ways (shoes and accessories). It has been the go to accent colour on the runways this fashion week season. Use on accessories, ties, scarves, shoes belts etc, or if you are looking to go bold, do consider a full burgundy suite, or coat. Men’s colours are usually conservative, I think this is where you can push the boundaries with this unconventional shade.  


3. Camo’

Camo’ is soooo back…The traditional green and olive tones are quiet the norm, but it is also interpreted in many different ways, i.e Urban Camo’ which is more on the grey colour pallet. Camo’ is also a great statement print for this winter, pants, hats, jacket and even shoes. There is something rugged and manly about camo, and is very fitting that its making its way back into men’s wardrobes. Have fun with it…I personally feel, just like hounds tooth for women, Camo is a classic print that will always be revived even in the future years of fashion.


4. Black Leather

The classic black leather jacket. This must have item has to be considered carefully before purchasing, personal taste and style plays a big role in deciding what kind of black leather jacket will suite you. The black leather jacket has different consistency levels, from the timid and quiet to over the top statements makers. A must for the discerning gentle fellow who simply understands the importance of not just keeping warm this winter, but looking the part too. 


5. Plaid

Check, scotch whatever you choose to call it, in the same breath as camo’ it is one of the essential prints or weaves this winter, from hipster flannel shirts, wool tailored jackets, silk ties and the very subtle accents in turn-ups and handkerchiefs in pockets, plaid is the way to go. From office to casual use it in your everyday winter wardrobe, and whats great about plaid, its pretty easy to find. I actually think it never really went out of fashion. 



6. Cuffing

Cuffed pants are here to stay, and boy have they gained momentum, this winter its no different, cuffed pants still apply. The only difference this winter is that, cuffing has become a detail worth paying attention to…So in the summer we see sock-less shoes with brogues, however this winter we get to see how much fun you can have with your socks. The Happy sock is not so happy this winter, socks are no longer as bright and eye-catching as we have seen. When cuffing your pants, make sure the socks are the same colour at the shoe, or instead of a bright coloured sock, choose a solid colour from any colour pallet, for the best style this winter. Cuffed pants can also have a turn-up detail i.e. Camo’ or plaid. Cuffing really looks great with winter boots.


7. The backpack

I would advise chucking those horrible laptop bags we’ve come accustomed to over the years of technology. The backpack has taken on the role of housing your tablet, laptops or any other manly things you need in your daily existence. There are backpacks to suite all hours of your busy day, beautiful leather backpack for the office, and edgy canvas bags for your off duty missions. These can also be great investment pieces that you can add to your collection of really cool stuff, like watches, leather jackets, hats etc. Bag it up in a backpack this winter.


These are essential items to survive winter 2014. Looking good and keeping warm has never been this easy.

If you need help with sourcing the items above, DIARO Living will be glad to offer our personal shopping assistance. email us on to inquire.