by MatselaMoshokoa

What makes an interesting person?…I say, an interesting person is someone that never succumbs to boredom and occupies their time with interesting activities, that help improve their quality of life and keeps them ever on the edge of something new. They’re diaries are balanced with all sorts of lifestyle engagements that improve or challenge their entire being…something more than the ritual of the Sunday game, or that Saturday brunch with the girls.

Industrious people always catch my attention, and engagements with them are always compelling to say the least, their lives are animated and inspiring. Boredom is a choice really, so what do you choose.

A great place to start is to take up some classes that will broaden your horizon, challenge your creativity and add to your skill set, making you an interesting individual to be around.



1. Cooking Classes;

Some us think or we know we are aware of our cooking skills, learnt from out mothers, grandmother etc…but unless you are Siba, or the Glam Chef, your cooking elbowroom might be limited, so why not expand your horizon by taking up a Moroccan or Japanese cooking for example. This way you can invite friends over for something special and impress, or you can make great dinners and lunches for yourself. Another great thing about cooking classes is that you can never stop, there are so many regions of the world to learn from, this could be a great hobby and a beautiful addition to your lifestyle.   


2. Get your hands dirty and MOSAIC;

There is nothing as soothing and fulfilling as rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty. Mosaic is one of my favorite creative outlets, it appeals to most of our sense with the visible colour, varied textures and can be applied to various surfaces. There’s hardly any wrong or right in mosaic applications, its all up to everyone’s level of creativity. Once you’ve got the hang of it, one can create stunning pieces for your home, or even gifts for friends. Remember once a skill in learnt, it will never be taken away from you. Practice makes perfect. Lets get mosaic-ing!!




3. Get brewing;

As the craft beer phenomenon continues to interest the world over, you can jump on the band wagon and get brewing!! Craft or artisan products are what a lot of conscious individuals are gravitating towards. Micro-breweries have been and are still mushrooming everywhere, and its never been easier to join in the fun. The internet is strewn with brewing kits, that can give you a great start in coming up with your own brand of beer. You can either come up with your own or you can just take interest in the art. Brewery hopping is a fantastic way to learn more about the art of brewing and become a craft beer connoisseur of sorts.

Be admired for your extensive wine knowledge, take up a class and learn more about wine. This skill will come in handy at fancy dinners with important people, when you are trying to impress a new girlfriend, but most of all to familiarize yourself with South African wines. We are known as one of the southern hemispheres great wine country, why not take advantage of this fact, and not only obliviously sip the fermented grape beverage, but be able to be an expert in the layers of wine drinking or making.  



4. Play a musical instrument

Learning a musical instrument will never get old. Its quiet impressive, i’m always awestruck by those that have taken up the challenge. Playing an instrument need not be for those that are looking for fame and fortune in the industry, it could be a skill that one can add to their portfolio and perform intimate concerts for your anniversary or at the Sunday braai with friend/family. Instruments vary with difficulty, so choose one that goes along with your patience levels, and one that suites your character. Music feeds the soul and a solo jam session can keep you company forever! boredom will never be part of your life.




5. Behind the lens;

Photography is one of my favorite, i’m a seasoned photographer myself. Take up a class and get snapping. I’m always astounded by how time flies when i’m on a photo mission, it is like being in a time capsule and you are transported to far away places, even if its just in your backyard. With the age of smart mobiles, apps such as instagram, everyone can become good at taking pictures, but photography is about learning the art and most of all learning your machine (camera). So many people have great cameras but are not acquainted with the capabilities of their gadget which in turn limits your scope. If you think you have ‘the eye’, photography is a great way to fill you’re days with. Every moment can be a Kodak moment. Sign up and see what the world of photographs has to offer.


There are many other interesting classes you can take up.  In the journey of growing and making our lives all the more interesting. Everywhere you turn there’s a point of interest to explore. Our lifestyles can be enhanced, by simply challenging ourselves and making the most of the resources that surround us. Hobbies almost always turn into business opportunities, you never know where you might end up.

Come explore some of these classes with DIARO Living, we will be doing a different class every month from March 2014. You can join us by commenting on this post with your email address and we will forward you the information for each months activity. Places will be limited so follow our blog to keep up with dates.

Good luck