by MatselaMoshokoa





Beneath the red and white exterior, the days leading up to V’day are often filled with expectations, introspection, and a lot of anxiety. Whether you’re single, newly dating someone, or in a long term relationship, there’s a good chance you feel a bit lost. This is why some of us ignore the celebration, or even boycott it all together…

I say, why not use it as an opportunity to be creative, and before you reach for your wallet or purse… here are some ideas that will help make the day special and memorable for both you and your loved one.

  • Invade their screen

This is great for a relationship that has developed great level of trust, as this will require you access their phone, tablet, computer etc. Post a picture of a sweet message of how much you appreciate them, or a picture of yourself as a screen saver. This is great for long distance relationships, or if your love will not be around on V’day, or on random days throughout the year.

  • Heart felt letter

A lot of us are tired of the plastic red roses and the white teddy bears, we see as staples for V’day. Lets go back to basics, write a heartfelt letter expressing your love for your special one. The world has evolved so much that a little bit of nostalgia can be a very romantic gesture. Simply express yourself in writing…(emails do not count!!!). What is also special about a letter, one can sit with it and read it again and again. It shows thought and dedication, a definite keep sake.

  • Pamper session at home

Nothing beats a relaxation session with your partner after a long day/ or work week. Get some aromatic body scrubs and oils, light some candles, and pamper each other with full body messages, while catching up on your week, and planning your next date night. when the restaurants are not fully booked on V’day. Spend the evening in fluffy robes and slippers while sipping on a good glass of wine.

  •  Home cooked meal

I have learned from past experiences, that going out to a restaurant on V’day has sometimes been rather disappointing. The restaurants are fully booked and packed, service is sometimes compromised and I have in most cases ended up wishing I was home. So this Valentines day stay home and cook, if your week was too long and lacking the energy to ‘throw down’ in the kitchen, get your favorite restaurant to prepare something special, pick it up after work and all you have to do is plate it beautifully. You could either set the table or have a picnic in the garden on the balcony or on the lounge floor, something different but meaningful. Being home with your better half is as romantic as it comes, no music too loud, no waiter getting your order wrong, No distractions.

  • Create together

Having a platform for the both of you to be creative and create something that will remind you of this years Valentines day, while creating memories at the same time. Book a pottery class, mosiac class or a cooking lesson for example. Explore your creative side and dedicate a piece to your love. You can miss the hectic-ness of full restaurants and movie houses on V’day and celebrate tomorrow. Start with a breakfast in bed (this never gets tired), and then proceed to your pottery classes, make a set of cereal bowls that you can eat out for as a reminder of your experience together… 

The above ideas encourage us to think out the box, and if you are a big spender that’s okay, but I find experiences and cultivating memories last far longer than splashing on expensive gifts. V’day comes once a year, but expressing your love should be an everyday activity. Valentines day should just serve as a reminder of what we should be doing everyday. Appreciating those we love and letting them know.

And if you are single this year, you can always show your love to family and friends, the day is about love and love has no boundaries.

Happy V’day everyone