BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND (Starting the year with your holiday in mind)

by MatselaMoshokoa





Planning that well deserved vacation, requires a lot of work in advance, so I’m suggesting that start his year with an objective of going somewhere fabulous for some down time.

Remember going “home” (emakhaya/ mahayeng) does not count as a holiday or vacation, Instead you come back more tired than you left.

1.    Establish what kind of experience you’d like;

  • Relaxation (Beach retreats, resort, mountain getaways, nature)
  • Adventure (Skiing trips, mountain climbing, otter walks, camping etc)
  • Cultural Exchange (living among the locals and learning about their culture and traditions)
  • Party (Party islands, party cities eg: Vegas, cruises, Miami, Mykonos, Goa)

Strategize your trip according to your needs and likes

2.     Set Your budget

Before chalking out a plan for the holiday, the most important thing is to set a budget. It helps you to plan and enjoy the trip within your limits. Always estimate a little more than what you might need. 

3.    Transport: Flights

  • It’s always better to book your flights way in advance, with last minute bookings you will victim to very high prices.  So once you’ve decided on your destination book your flights. I also suggest that you book directly with the airline instead using the middle man, it’s easier to take advantage of specials and communicate directly with the airline than an agent with regards to any changes or modifications.
  • Read up on your destination, prepare yourself before plunging into an unknown destination. The more you know, the more you will appreciate the place and their culture.

4.    Alternative lodging/Accommodation.

  • I believe these options allows us to get more from your travels than just booking the conventional way i.e. hotels.

Couch Surfing  

  • Stay with locals in every country on earth
  • Travel like a local
  • Stay in someone’s home  and experience the place like a local
  • Create memorable connections.
  • 7Million people in more than 100 000 cities around the world.
  • Its relatively free, all you have to do is buy your host a gift and contribute to expenses such as food etc


Home Exchange

  • Exchange your home with someone from a different part of the world, for free.
  • This option allows you to experience your destination as a local
  • The spectrum is wide from tiny apartments in NYC to ocean views in Monte Carlo
  • These 2 websites require membership, which costs about 100ZAR a month, (depends of exchange rates)






To get the most out your vacation is important to have realistic expectations,  unreasonable expectations can lead to unwanted stress, so enjoy the holiday by managing what you can with the time you have. Embrace each moment, whether good or bad…and plan early.

Go for it and enjoy it!!