DIARO designs and decorate DAVID TLALE’S Sandton Boutique.

by MatselaMoshokoa

DIARO Design & Decor had the pleasure of designing and decorating South Africa’s renowned and loved fashion designer David Tlale.

David at the store opening soiree

It was our first undertaking of a commercial space, and boy was it a fun challenge. The initial space was bare and boring, and the brief from our ‘oh so stylish’ David was simple, “more is more, opulence, drama”, were just some of the key words from the fashion designer.

We started by ripping out the existing pink ceramic tiling, and replacing them with black granite floor tiles. We covered the entire wall surface with an intricate and bold textured vinyl fabric, which gives the walls stunning texture that you cannot resist but touching. The 5 grand crystal-glass chandeliers, add to the opulence, they sparkles and catch your eye as you come around the corner.

The furniture reflects Davids true nature and style, carved gold and German silver ornate collectors pieces, that only a grand space like this can pull off. The focal points of the room are, the huge carved armoire, David’s signature kings chair, and a branded area rug, that sprawls on the floor, as it welcomes you into the retail space.

Installing the vinyl on the wall surfaces.

under construction behind the banners.

Dry walling/partitioning going up, the challenge here was getting round corners, but we managed quiet well.

We only had 4 weeks to complete the project, which was a very tight deadline, and considering we couldn’t work during shopping hours, ‘center management rules’. Burning the Midnight oil and 4 weeks later we handed over the completed project, just in time for the official store launch soiree.

Commercial spaces are great fun to work with, unlike personal homes or offices, they are showrooms, and the briefs are usually over the top and dramatic, so creatively you can go as wild as your imagination can take you. They are meant to attract customer as they walk by, so nothing short of show-stopping appeal is needed when working on a retail space. This one in particular  exudes unique personality and is an absolute flight of fancy.

Working on David Tlale’s new flagship store was a great honour, and we undertook this great project with vigour and avidity, because not only did we impress and satisfy our client, but DIARO Design and Decor will go down in history books as the design company that designed David Tlale’s first ever store.



If you are in the Johannesburg area, do visit shop number U01 at the Michelangelo Towers Mall in Sandton, to see our work and to get yourself a DT original.

Lots of Love.


dazzling display