What a success! – DIARO 2nd Frock Exchange!!

by MatselaMoshokoa

So Saturday the 5th of May finally descended on us, and our 2nd DIARO Frock Exchange had 30 attendees who came bearing bags full of clothes to swap and donate to charity.  The ladies were decerning and voguish. After the meet and greet, and first round of drinks, we gathered everyone to explain the rules of the game. We got through the eyeing round with relative ease, and on to the picking, if a garment was claimed by one person it was theirs, but, if there was more than one claim on one item, the ladies would have to battle it out at a sudden death/voting round, they would have put the garment on, and the crowed voted for the person that looked best in that particular item of clothing, a pair of jeans for example was worn differently by the contenders and the one who wore it best, got the vote. The ladies were cheering and screaming for the best looks, it was so awesome to see the utter enthrallment  and gusto on the girls faces.

Between the fashion swapping, DIARO’s winter 2012 collection showcase, the wine, the banter, what made our afternoon even more riveting was DIARO’s partnership with fabulous Hats by Ledikana,  gorgeous Zanu Classique shoes and tantalizing Sex toys By Catherine, i must say the ladies where captivated by Catherine’s demos. The afternoon was filled with great fun, entertainment, laughter, prizes and an absolutely alternative ‘DIARO’ way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The ladies went home not only with new outfits, they left with a memorable experience and a unique opportunity to have fun and be charitable, with many sighting that they will NOT miss the next one.

The aura of our venue also added a gleeful vibe to our event, with beautiful art on the gallery walls, which made for a brilliant backdrop for our pictures, and did i mention Velo Art Gallery/Cafe has the best lattes on this side of town.

Many thanks to all who attended, looking forward to the next one, bigger and ambitiously targeting 100 ladies!!! for an even lofty affair. Keep up with the blog for updates on the next DIARO Frock Exchange! Judging by this ones success, you could only imagine what we’ll have in store for you at our next installment.

Remember to order your favourite DIARO outfit from our Winter 2012 collection on, diarortw@diaro.co.za,

Lots ‘O’ Love