Off to the MARKET!…

by MatselaMoshokoa

When I was growing up, going to the market was something my parents did, and it involved going to a very busy part of town, where there was everything from fresh produce, fruits, veggies, meat and meat products on sale. These were the places for good finds, great bargains and bulk buying, of essential household commodities. Then there were Flee Markets which, in my opinion have also, in the past few years lost their flair and excitement. Some are on weekends only, and the really boring ones are open everyday, and every stall sells the same thing, in this case should we still classify them as Flee Markets or retail spaces? …or and lets not forget the invasion of the China’s merchandise.

In the past 5 years, there has been a great metamorphoses regarding weekend markets, an effort to re-vive and re-invent the public market. My idea of going to the ‘Market’ today, paints a very different picture compared to the places illustrated above. This Market revolution has taken dingy downtown spots and resurrected them to their former glory if not better, than what they where in their hay-days. These particular Markets, are places where you go for their awesome culinary and gourmet foods, organic fresh produce, designer beer, tequilla, wines, great fashion stalls by our emerging young designers, and if its second-hand, we’d prefer the term vintage. The products sold here are authentic, honest and sustainable. Purity and novelty come to mind, when you enter this environment. The crowed is discerning, young to middle-aged, they are stylish and artsy, modern hippies and non-conformists. The originality of these markets is what gets you hooked, from gourmet thin crusted pizza, to lager brewed in Germany, not exactly priced as the old boeri-roll  and cola you’d expect from the markets of yester-year. You’d want to be part of this new age vibe, and the banter and socializing alone can keep you coming back for more.

I could literally go on for days about these new city hang outs. Here are some pictures of my favourite markets, Neighbour Goods Market, Cape Town and JHB. Market on Main – Main Street Live Mabone District, JHB. Victoria Sunday Market, Greenpoint CT. A refreshing way to spent your brunch and lunch hours, on a Saturday or Sunday, delectable food, drink and great finds.