by MatselaMoshokoa


Hi everyone,

DIARO FROCK EXCHANGE WEEKEND, was a great success. Ladies enjoyed an afternoon of great fun and awesome finds. We started off with a meet and greet, then proceeded to exchanging garments. Everyone left with something new, and left over clothing was donated to a Hospice Charity shop. Here’s a look at some of the fun:-

Ingrid showing off her new find


Exchanging clothes is a great way to re-use and recycle clothing. Where going green and still keeping it fun!.

Ree found something, wait til you see it on.


another great match.

We all have clothes that have been sitting in our wardrobes for months if not years, it really feels great seeing someone else enjoy your dress as much as you did, when you first got it.

Ree's dress looked stunning on Mampake.

Our first ever Frock Exchange was awesome, Please join us for the next one, 05/05/2012, updates with details will follow soon.

Many thanks to all the ladies that came. Trust you’re enjoying your new outfits.