by MatselaMoshokoa

Hi everyone, Diaro will be hosting a Frock Exchange on the 4th of February 2012. What is a ‘Frock Exchange’ you may ask?, its a party where ladies meet and swap clothes. Bring a items of clothing that are in good condition and still wearable and swap them for something new. There will be proffesional stylist, to answer all your style and fashion questions, and just an afternoon out with the girls, over a glass of wine and deliciuos canepes.

Clothe swapping has been a huge phenominon in the fashion worlds for the last couple of years, its an idea that came about with the green movement of trying to find new and sustainable ways to re-use and recycle clothing. We all have items of clothing in our closets that we haven’t worn in months or years, but wouldn’t mind exchanging for something else. So these kind of parties allow us to aquire new things without having to cough out money for that dress/ shirt/ skirt etc. Its also a great time to socialise, network and meet new people.

This will be one of many Frock Exchanges for 2012, and hoping that it will grow with each one, our goal as Diaro is to have an Exchange event for a 100 women in the Spring of this year. So if you can’t make this one, keep up with the blog for updates on our next one.

Looking forward to seeing you at the DIARO Frock Exchange. email info@diaro.co.za, subject Frock exchange for more details.